Dear Wanda,

I have a few friends and like to keep to myself, and I've always been happy that way. But all of my friends have boyfriends and I feel left out. I want someone to care about me that way, too, but boys always see me as "just a friend." What should I do?

"Just a friend" in Palmyra, Missouri

Dear Just a friend,

I totally know how you feel… Having guys see you as a "just a friend" can be really frustrating. It can even make you question yourself, or feel like you're doing something wrong. But believe me - you're not! If guys enjoy having you as a friend --- it's actually a positive thing. It means that you have great qualities... like being trustworthy, fun/funny, caring, easygoing, etc… It's hard to have patience, though, so in the meantime… Here's the key, repeat after me: Focus on fun, and you'll find the one!

Yes, fun! But I don't just mean the kind of fun we have at a party. I mean the kind of fun you have when you're doing something you're really interested in. What are you passionate about? Music? Sports? Science? Writing? If you're not sure, no worries... It may take a few tries before you find what you love to do. But setting up and achieving goals that you are passionate about, believe it or not, is a lot of fun! It could also open the door to meeting new people - possibly even the guy who is right for you!

—Wanda B.

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